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Our artificial turf systems are the result of years of study at MONDO's research laboratories in collaboration with the Institute for Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), the Laboratory of Ergonomics and Biomechanics of the University of Pavia and professional European football teams.

Mondo  has developed the new fiber 4NX.

A monofilament with exceptional characteristics both in dry as in wet conditions, characterized by great resistance, elastic return and maximum performance.

MONDO  produces the complete system, from the fibers that constitute the turf, to the elastic underlayment, up to the granular thermoplastic rubber filler

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Our Clients

  • “I’ve played on a lot of different surfaces in my career and I can’t think of another synthetic surface that compares to the Mondo Ecofill® system - it’s like playing on natural grass without the worry of slipping. I’m really impressed with how well this has turned out for Loyola Academy, and how beneficial it is going to be for our

  • “Mondoturf played a key role in our success. The number of seriousness of turf-related injuries has been significantly reduced, and our student athletes’ muscles recover much more quickly than when they played on other surfaces. We also have better practices early in the week because our athletes’ legs stay fresher even after a full week of practice and a weekend game. In addition, since we installed Mondoturf, our recruiting has improved. The overall beauty of the turf attracts a lot of attention from our prospects -much more than the natural grass surface we previously had.”

  • “The Mondotrack and a Mondoturf field will enhance the stadium’s reputation as a world-class community facility. The park district was seeking to replace the venue’s natural grass field with a surface that could withstand heavy, year-round use. In addition, the previous field’s drainage system was worn out and district officials wanted a field that could drain quickly so it could easily be used by multiple teams and for multiple sports. In the past, we could never let soccer or lacrosse teams play because it would beat up the field, we had to keep it ready for football. We have chosen a durable surface that would not only survive Joliet football season, but would also allow other sports to be played on it. Because of the Mondo surfaces, the opportunity to host different sports and events has grown tremendously.”

  • “Our players and our conference competitors have all claimed superior cutting ability on the Ecofill.”